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Redefining Metaverse Utility for Everyone Conduct meetings, participate in live events and discover new metaverse utilities-explore a truly 3D immersive digital world with us

We provide an enterprise-grade METAVERSE-AS-A-SERVICE solution designed to help organizations and professionals book a rendezvous that is 3D and immersive. GEMINOS METAVERSE is ideal for conducting meetings, hosting events, setting up NFT marketplaces, etc.

Our Services is dedicated for enterprises seeking to leverage the benefits of metaverse like hyper-realistic visuals, 3D spaces, real-time communication, and avatars without creating their dedicated metaverse project to host meetings, events, and trade activities.


Virtual Room

Spend quality time with friends, watch movies, and play live games inside a luxurious 3D virtual room. For a personalized experience, companies can decorate a virtual room to showcase their services.

Virtual Workplace

Redefining Metaverse Utility for EveryoneSet up virtual offices for routine work, organize in-campus recruitment and casual employee gatherings in a realistic virtual workplace that provides your team with close-to-reality experience while removing geographical barriers.

Outdoor Meeting Space

Organize an outdoor meeting for your team, allowing them to have the feel of breathing in the fresh air and sitting across a cherishing environment that resembles the experience of real-world outdoor meet-ups.

Product Launch Auditorium

Organize a product launch inside our virtual reality auditorium. Use it to announce a new product's debut in the market or highlight the features of your upcoming product to create buzz across the audience.

NFT Exhibition Gallery

Showcase your digital arts via NFTs on a 3D immersive virtual NFT exhibition gallery that supports art shows, live auctions and other events to promote and sell your NFTs across a broader audience for high reach.

Product Store

Redefine your buyers' experience with a virtual product store, powered by VR and AR technologies to represent a digital virtual of various products, helping buyers get a closer product examination, similar to physical stores.


Spatial Audio

Allow your avatars to make life-like gestures, lip-synching and facial expressions through 3D voice technology; spatial audio enabled in METAVERSE decentralized environment.

Content sharing on screen

Leverage a 3D immersive platform that enables sharing of your content on another person's screen, providing a unified content sharing experience.

Video Streaming

Grow your audience base with an uninterrupted on-demand and video streaming feature designed for events like music concerts, games and sports.

Invitation (support private also)

The invitation feature is integrated into your custom Metaverse Space, allowing you to send group and private invites to anyone conveniently.

Private Chat with Avatar

Engage in 1-1 conversation to connect through our unique chat feature. Connect, communicate, and share content like the real world.

Support 1000 avatars

Customize various avatars with specific features and personalities to represent person-specific digital identity in the metaverse.



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